Notes on formal requirements for contributions

Preparing contributions to the scientific program

Oral Presentations
Scientific presentations will be part of themed panels. For each presentation, there will be 30 minutes. Please reserve 10 minutes for discussions. Each conference room is equipped with notebook/PC (Windows 7 or XP and Microsoft PowerPoint), projector, and speakers. We kindly request presenters to address session chairs well in advance. To allow participants a smooth transition between conference rooms and panels, we ask the session chairs to strictly observe the 30-minutes intervals. Please copy your presentation (and additional materials) to the presenting computer at least 15 minutes before your session begins (preferably using a Flash drive or “USB stick”). We kindly ask you to check your presentation after copying it. Alternatively, you may of course use your own mobile computer. However, please keep in mind that setting up your own device, synchronizing the projector etc. may take a substantial amount of time! Please let us know as soon as possible should you need additional devices for your presentation (e.g., over head projector, slide projector). In this case, please contact our team at the conference office at least one day before your presentation. During the conference, members of the organization team will be in each conference room providing technical support in case of a problem.

Chairs will organize the symposia of the ISRA 2012 World Meeting. They will also define the time allowed for each presentation and the following discussion. Please refer to the printed or online version of the conference program for further details (tba).

There will be two poster sessions during the ISRA 2012 World Meeting. Posters will be presented in the Latomus conference room (see the printed or online version of the program for a full list of posters) from 2 pm to 5 pm on Wednesday (July 18) and Thursday (July 19).
 Posters have to be designed in the horizontal format. Size should not exceed DIN A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm or 33.1 x 46.8 in).

We kindly ask presenters to hang up posters during lunch breaks before poster sessions. Poster walls in the Latomus room will carry designated numbers. Pins will be provided. If you have problems finding your poster number, please contact a member of the organization team. Authors are requested to remain with their posters to address questions and discuss findings. To give all conference attendees the opportunity to thoroughly study the posters, posters should remain on the walls until the next day (lunch break before the second poster session).