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Program Schedule - ISRA World Meeting

This overview provides you with a lot of information like, for example, session overview, abstracts, and smart printing options.

Concerning keynotes at the ISRA World Meeting, we may now proudly announce that James Blair, Miles Hewstone and Randy Nelson have already confirmed their participation! 

  • - Miles Hewstone is an experimental social psychologist at the University of Oxford. Among other fields, he is interested in intergroup relations with a heavy emphasis on intergroup conflicts. The title of his keynote is "Intergroup Contact and the Reduction of Intergroup Conflict".
  • - Randy Nelson is a behavioral neuroscientist at the Ohio State University. His work covers topics like, for example, behavioral endocrinology, sex behavior, and aggressive behavior. He will present the following keynote: "Gene-Environment Interactions in the Neuroendocrine Regulation of Aggression".
  • - James Blair is a cognitive neuroscientist at the National Institute of Mental Health. He is an renowned expert in the fields of e.g. mood and anxiety disorders, as well as conduct disorders. We are very much looking forward to hearing his keynote "Neuro-cognitive Bases of Reactive and Instrumental Aggression".

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