Social Events

  • Welcome Reception: Starting at 7 pm on Tuesday, July 17, the Welcome Reception will take place in the marquee in front of the Cafeteria moment'to on Campus Walferdange. We will have complimentary wine, soft drinks, snacks, and finger food ready for you.
  • Sightseeing Tour:
 After the last round of sessions on Wednesday, July 18 (5 pm – 6.30 pm), there will be a sightseeing tour to Luxembourg City. Busses will depart from Campus Walferdange. After the tour, you may get off the bus in Luxembourg City or return to Campus Walferdange.
  • Gala Banquet: 
At 8 pm on Friday, July 20, we will be happy to welcome you to the social evening, which will take place at the historic Orangerie of the Mondorf Spa. Please note that you will be requested to have a ticket for the gala banquet (25€). Please see the registration deck in the conference office (Cafeteria moment'to) to purchase one of the few remaining tickets for the event. There will be no particular dress code for the Gala Banquet.
  • Farewell Reception:
 Following an old (and very popular) tradition in Luxemburg, there will be a farewell reception on Saturday, July 21. Starting from 3.15 pm, the so-called "Vin d’honneur" (i.e., a standing reception with wine and soft drinks) will conclude the ISRA 2012 World Meeting in the Cafeteria moment'to on Campus Walferdange.
  • Catering during the Conference: During conference breaks soft drinks, coffee, cakes and snacks are complimentary and will be provided in the Cafeteria moment'to and the marquee next to the cafeteria. Also, Lunch will be served at no charge in the marquee and the Cafeteria moment'to. However, if you prefer to go out for lunch, Walferdange has various restaurants and cafes close to the conference venue (not included in the registration fee; see the program for further information).