Campus Walferdange

The XXth ISRA World Meeting will be held at Campus Walferdange, the home of the Faculty of Literature, Humanities, and Social Sciences (FLSHASE) of the University of Luxembourg (

A compact selection of the most important maps for your stay will be made available shortly. The overview will also be part of the printed version of the conference program given to you when you register at the conference office.

In addition, we have prepared some weblinks you may find helpful:

Campus Walferdange - Guide 2011 (Campus map, travelling to Walferdange, details and facts on the Campus and its surrounding; Adobe PDF format).

Information on the city of Walferdange (French and German only)

Map of the city of Walferdange: In addition to the cafeteria of the University, there are various restaurants within walking distance to the conference venue (see also Campus Walferdange Guide 2011).

With regard to your participation, you may also consider the following information helpful:

  • Internet, WiFi, e-mail, PC pools:
 During the conference, you will be provided with several ways to connect to the Internet and check your e-mails at no charge.
  • WiFi: Free wireless broadband Internet (WiFi) will be available for your laptop computer, smartphone, or other mobile device (e.g., iPad). Please refer to the instructions on how to set up a wireless Internet connection that will be included in the conference documents you will be given when registering in the conference office (Cafeteria Crok).
  • PC pools: Campus Walferdange has pools with Windows-PCs and Apple MacOS computers. All computers are equipped with Internet access, standard browsers and common office programs. Computer pools also provide access to printing your documents. Please refer to the conference program for further information.