Transportation & Directions

How to Get to the Conference Venue...

There will be a complimentary shuttle bus service from/to Luxembourg Cityfor all conference attendees:

  • There will be two buses to the Campus Walferdange every morning leaving at 8:00 am and 8:15 am from the Central Station and then (10 minutes later) from City Centre (see below). Please look out for buses from the bus company "Emile Weber" with the additional information "ISRA"!
  • There will be buses shortly after the end of the last session leaving from Campus Walferdange to the City Centre and the Central Station on the following days: 
  • - Tuesday – 8:15 pm; 8:30 pm
  • - Wednesday – 6:45 pm (all destinations); 7:00 pm (to City Centre only)
  • - Thursday – 2:00 pm; 2:30 pm
  • - Friday – 6:15 pm
  • - Saturday – 4:00 pm; 4:45 pm

Sightseeing Tour (starting from Place de la Consititution on Wednesday, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm):

  • Two buses will depart from Campus Walferdange to the Place de la Constitution at 6:45 pm and at 7:00 pm.
  • One bus will depart from the Central Station to the Place de la Constitution at 7:20 pm.

Location of the Bus stops

  • Campus Walferdange: behind the Audimax room (close to the line of parking spaces); 
  • City Centre: Place de la Constitution, also known as “Gëlle Fra” (Golden Lady);
  • Central Station: Parking lot, at Rue Mercier. This parking lot is located next to the P&T (post office) building, opposite to the central station.

Taking the train

Campus Walferdange is located right next to the Walferdange train station, so you may take the train to the conference. From the main station in Luxembourg City, Walferdange is just two stops away!At least every half an hour there are trains from and to Luxembourg main station (8 minute train ride). There are also trains leaving up north towards Mersch and Ettelbrück. Please note that train tickets are not included in the registration fees.


Walferdange – Luxembourg station: 8:02 am / 8:31 am / 9:02 am …

Luxembourg station – Walferdange: 7:50 am / 8:20 am / 8:50 am …

Walferdange – Mersch/Ettelbrück: 9:28 am / 9:58 am / 10:28 am ...

Please note that train tickets are not included in the registration fees. A list of the most important information on transportation may be accessed on the website of the Luxembourgish railroad company CFL (, French and German only). General information on transportation in English may be found here: