The Young Investigator (YI) Program

The YI program is intended to encourage and assist people who are getting started or are in the early stages of their aggression research career. Building on its great success at the last two ISRA meetings, the 2012 YI program includes:

1) A Pre-meeting YI Workshop. To facilitate career development by interaction with senior aggression researchers, the 2012 Workshop will focus on helping YIs with their own grant applications that are in planning, preparation or revision

2) Planned but informal interactions with panels of mentors during the course of the meeting

3) Networking with other young investigators and with members of ISRA

4) Limited stipends for travel and meeting expenses will be available to applicants accepted into the program on an “as needed” basis.



We encourage graduate students, Postdoctoral Fellows and junior faculty within 3 years of their Graduate degree to apply.

Please submit:

1) An abstract of the scientific work you would like to present at the ISRA 2012 meeting (250 words maximum). Indicate on the abstract if you prefer an oral paper or poster presentation format.

2) A standard Curriculum Vitae

3) A 250-word statement summarizing your research interests and how participating in the YI Program would advance your professional development. Students should include a letter from their advisor or have her/him send a letter verifying your student status. We will choose YI participants based on the originality and promise of their work in human or animal, observational, experimental or theoretical analyses of aggression.

Note: Submitting an application means that you propose to present a poster or a talk at the 2012 ISRA meeting AND that you wish to be considered for the YI Program. ISRA decisions about these two requests are separate. You will be informed first about whether the abstract is accepted for presentation (most are) and then about participating in the YI Program. Deadline for YI applications is April 1, 2012.

Direct any questions about the Young Investigators Program, and submit your YI application materials, to M. Potegal:

Direct questions about the ISRA meeting to André Melzer:
Please find out more about the ISRA initiative to encourage Young Investigators in this PDF document: